This Is Me Letting You Go by Heidi Priebe


This Is Me Letting You Go by Heidi Priebe

Letting go is not a process that comes naturally to us. In a world that teaches us to cling to what we love at all costs, there is an undeniable art to moving on – and it’s one that we are constantly relearning. In this series of honest and poignant essays, Heidi Priebe explores the harsh reality of what it means to let go of the people and situations we love most - often before we are ready to – and how to embrace what comes next. 

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Desperately needed to hear the pages in this book!

Whether you are leaving people or places behind, or you need help with forgiveness or how to get back to your fullest self, then I highly recommend it! PSA: it did make me cry multiple times!!!

Amazing book for a quick read

This book is a must for every human being. Because humans don't know how to let go usually
This book helps us


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This Is Me Letting You Go by Heidi Priebe
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  • Category: Family & Relationships
  • Published: Apr 08, 2016
  • Publisher: Thought Catalog Books
  • Seller: The Thought & Expression Co. LLC
  • Print Length: 98 Pages
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