22 Skills for Great Relationships by Chris Walker


22 Skills for Great Relationships by Chris Walker

You and I, we want love. We want it without all the headaches and heartaches. Either you want to lift your existing relationship to a new level or you want a relationship, full stop. 
You are not meant to be single. So, if you are, it’s time to deal with whatever is blocking the love of your life from walking right in the front door of your heart. You have the key, nobody else controls that door but you.
You are not meant to be struggling in a relationship either. What you must know is that sometimes your partner is right but now isn’t. They get a bee in their ear and think the whole world has been plotting against them, led by you. If that’s the case you can also fix that. I’ll show you how.
So, this book is written for busy people split into two groups .. those with a relationship wanting an upgrade and those without wanting a re-grade.
Two different stories … one common solution. 

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The book gave me amazing advice. Just what I needed. Thanks!

Love it

Read this all in a day. I'm still going to go back a remind myself of a lot of the points in this book. A great read !
Thank you !

Great book

You can really feel the Love from this book. It opened up my heart to where I can feel the love flow and take moments of breaths.. Recommended..

22 Skills for Great Relationships by Chris Walker
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  • Published: Nov 16, 2013
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